7.62 Stealth Skunk
7.62 Stealth Skunk
Moonlight Industries

7.62 Stealth Skunk

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USA Made using USA made components.

762 Stealth Skunk


(In stock) marked items   ship in 1-3 days.  All other variants, see below:

**LEAD TIME is currently estimated to be ~1-2 weeks. This is an estimate. 



Accepts 7.62x51 or 7.62x39 magazines

Molle ladder on each side for pistol pouches, any single molle pouches  or TQ's.


Loop backed for increased comfort and accesories, danglers etc.

**Add a detachable TQ Dangler for $10 (see collection page)

Over sewn to prevent failure.  Harness is included.


USA Made using USA components

Proudly made in Arizona


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